We have been a bit slow about getting up some pictures of our new car. But here she is:

Some of my favorite features:
Auto Audio Leveling: The volume of your audio automatically adjusts to the speed of the car.
Red lights on blue background during night driving.
Auto/Manual..It has the speed shift for when you want to feel sport and do the shifting.
Super comfortable seats.
Great Gas Mileage.
Very sporty look and feel for a 4 cylinder economy class car.

I can't say enough how much we love our new car. We are very thankful we were able to purchase one at a great rate and just have the general means to get a new car. Sometimes blessings are small. Sometimes they are really big!

i know, i know...

So, Brooke's been complaining that we don't blog enough - and frankly, I agree. I really enjoyed writing every single day in November - taking the time out to vent, or celebrate, or ramble, or whatever - it was healthy. Since then though, I keep posting and promising to you that we'll write more. My intentions really are good, but I just can't actually make it happen.

You might wonder what exactly it is that keeps us so busy, and in reality, I'm not entirely certain. I keep WANTING to blog - but things keep distracting me. There are so many things I could write about - but I feel like other things keep happening that keep me from it. Same goes for Chance - he keeps telling me he's going to blog about things, but he has way less time than I do. And...because I'm slightly anal about writing events down in order, chronologically, I don't post until after he's posted about such-and-such event...etc. Basically...we just suck at this whole blogging thing. But, we're gonna try until we get it right.

Anyway - I guess we have been pretty darn busy. Since the end of February, we've purchased a new car ('09 Mazda 3) - which I KNOW Chance wants to blog about (and show you pretty pictures of our new baby)!!! We took a road trip to College Station for Chance's birthday - hung out with friends there, and celebrated his 25th. We've also had several friends turn a year older - in fact, Emily's b-day is coming up on Sunday. Let's see - what else...our AC went out at our house (had that fixed). My computer keeps overheating, but I keep putting off trying to start the whole repair process. We started digging up our overgrown flowerbed in the backyard and had a slight accident involving a pickaxe and some pvc pipe - causing a geyser in our yard and no water for 20 hours or so. I helped Emily paint her baby's room, and hung out with her parents, sister, brother, and his girlfriend last weekend. Chance has been pretty busy with work (adding an additional 2-3 hours a week on to his already 50something hour work week). Oh - and SXSW is coming up next week, so we're trying to get ready for that (planning a schedule, and getting ready to have people crashing at our house). Oh yeah - and right now I'm sick (yes, again) with some fever and some major aches (similar to what happened in July '07 that made me feel fatigued for 4 months after that).

So yeah, I guess we HAVE been pretty busy. I'm just overwhelmed. So I'm sorry we haven't kept up with our blog very well. We really are working on it - or we will, when I stop being sick and things stop blowing up in our faces. Yup.

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