the pressure...

Well, looks like we got stuck NOT blogging again. Oops. I think somewhere along the line we started pressuring ourselves to post photos with every blog...and, well...there's a stockpile of them on my computer waiting to be sifted through. We haven't posted about SXSW yet simply because I haven't gone through the photos. I haven't even begun sifting through photos from March, and I think there may still be some from February that need posting. I mean...we didn't even really discuss Chance's birthday trip to College Station and how much fun we had. But here we are, in April, coming up on bigger events (like Emily's baby shower and the birth of her baby boy - in something like 5ish weeks?!?!) - and we're falling behind.

I don't know why we pressure ourselves to add photos to each blog. Probably because its more fun to tell a story visually, and probably because we TAKE so many photos, we think we should!

I also have a tendency to want things to get posted chronologically. I think that's my OCD kicking in. I have a hard time posting events out of order. Yuck. It gives me the heebies.

I'm planning on setting aside some time to write a few blogs (but then again, I always say that, don't I?). Hrm. It'll eventually get taken care of. But once again, we've been busy with concerts, friends, Brewster scratching his cornea, photoshoots...shoot. You name it.

And right now, I should be working, but I'm blogging instead. I need to get my priorities straight, eh? Back to work for now. Maybe we should ask YOU guys what you WANT to hear about. Let's try it! Here's a list of potential blog topics:

+ March 1st trip to College Station
+ Bands we've recently discovered (and love!)
+ Robert Adam and Casey in town/Soldier Thread CD release show
+ My photoshoot with Candace
+ Future furniture projects (but hey, I guess I'll post about those in the future)
+ House project updates
+ Some new finds on television
+ Good movies we've seen

...okay. That's enough for now. So what do y'all want to hear about most?

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