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So once again it looks like it has been a year between posts. Ehh, I am okay with that. Is there such a thing as an annual blog? I'm pretty sure that is called a Christmas card. Seeing how Claire and I failed to do that this year as well you can consider this our Christmas card and update. Here is the photo, just picture it surrounded by red and green.

So you want a recap of our 2010? Well, even if you don't that is what I am here to give you. 2010 was, well, interesting to say the least. It was an emotional roller-coaster as well as a time that Claire and I realized we needed to really figure out what we wanted to do in life. At the beginning of the year we were super pumped with the start of our business, WholeNine Lifestyle Managment. We had a lot of clients and were staying pretty busy between work, church, our dogs, family and friends. March rolled around and we celebrated my birthday, with a few friends, and then as always we took the week off to enjoy SXSW. Jenny B. and Michael T. joined us that week and we had a blast. We met The Rescues, who Claire and Jenny were huge fans of. I guess I was too because they put on a pretty amazing live show.

During the end of March/April we headed to Tyler to spend some time with Claire's family and do some work for Golly. We also spent a week in Dallas working for her Aunt Amy and just hanging out with friends. Fast forward to May and we did our yearly "roommate" trip with all of Claire's college roommates and spouses. This year we went to galveston and rented a big beach house that was awesome. Lots of fun and this is something we look forward to every year, can't wait for our 2011 trip.

During the summer I started homebrewing and really found it sparked some creativity in me. It was an easy extension of my culinary skills and was something that I found enjoyable and relaxing. Plus it made beer. I have a blog about that you can read here. By the end of the summer Claire and Michelle B. had become really good friends and God put us in the position to help her out and she moved in to our spare room in August. It is amazing how God can create such close bonds between people in such short time. Michelle quickly became like a sister to us, and even though she is no longer living in our house, she is still a big part of our lives.

The fall seemed like a blur to me, currently I can't recall much, other than working and hanging out with friends on occasion. We celebrated Claire's birthday, did Thanksgiving here in Austin, and went to Amarillo for Christmas to visit my family. We found out that Russell and Joni, my brother and sister-in-law, were pregnant. Hooray!

The main thing I remember about the fall was our realization that we weren't very good at marketing ourselves and our business. Claire had been working with Room Fu as an apprentice for a while and during the later part of 2010 was given a part time job with them. I had just been distracted and lacking major motivation to market WholeNine and we eventually came to realize there are a lot of things on our services list that we aren't sure we enjoy/are profitable/or that we are capable of. We still own and run WholeNine but it is in the process of being redefined and redone. Hopefully 2011 will bring clarity to our direction with our business and with our general life. In fact in the first 3 months of 2011 a lot has happened, but you may just have to wait till 2012 to hear about it. Maybe you will get lucky and I will write a post before then.

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