finally, a baby!

No, we're not pregnant. We're still not planning on having a baby ANY TIME in the near future. Let's stop that train before it starts. BUT, our friend Emily who I photographed here finally gave birth to a precious baby boy.

We're pretty dang excited. I'm pretty sure Emily is too, after 9 hours of labor - and 24 hours of 5-minute-apart contractions prior to that, she was ready to have that baby in her arms. I was blessed, along with our best friend Brooke, dear friend Betsy, and a majority of Em's immediate family (her parents, sister, and husband Charlie to get to witness the whole thing alongside the Doctor and nurses (which included on of Em's good friends, Kelly).

I'll spare you the gory details, but birth is a pretty amazing thing. I never thought I'd be willing to SEE that happen to ANYONE...but at the time, all modesty and preconceived notions totally fell away. It was unexplainable, but one of the coolest things I've ever seen that will stay in my mind forever. It is a beautiful process - painful, yes, but beautiful.

Emily gave birth to Najib Laith Rajeh on May 17th (awesome because his namesake - Charlie's father, Najib - had the same birthday) at 1:00AM. He weighed 8lb even, and was 21.5 inches long. His hair may account for half an inch or so - because it is LONG! (:

Charlie and Emily got to spend their first night at home with Laith last night, so I'm anxious to see how that went!

I'm sorry I'm just now posting about this - I felt like I already had, since I've been posting photos to Em's facebook account as well as a special page for her family. I've been tweeting about it, updating my facebook status...and making phone calls. I didn't mean to leave you guys out!

Without further adieu, I give you photos:

Here's Em, right after she got admitted. Her water hadn't broken yet, which you can tell because she's still smiling.

Seconds after Laith was born - literally. The nurse was handing Laith to Emily as this shot was taken.

Charlie, Emily and her Nurse and friend, Kelly - all admiring precious Laith in his first few minutes of life.

He wasn't too keen on being measured, poked, and prodded. Then again, who is?

Chance holding a day old Laith.

Look at that hair! Seriously!

Getting in his car seat for the first time. Not so sure what to think. (:


Anonymous said...

Oh YAY! I was wondering if he had already arrived or if she was still waiting!!! YYAAAYY!!!

Sara said...

Awwww - what a cutie patootie!! Congrats to Emily and Charlie!

Claire said...

@Beth - good luck with your own coming up pretty soon! (:

@Sara - Em would say thanks. Lol. Maybe someday he can meet miss Olivia. I mean, I know he's a younger man and all, but what a stud. (:

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