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I just thought I'd step in here and let you guys know that Chance has been busy on his other blog this week; Austin Texas: I'll be your tongue's proxy has some new restaurant reviews. I think starting our blog has re-ignited Chance's desire to write about food. His blog was dormant for several months, but as of late, he's wanted to take the camera everywhere we eat. Perhaps that's because we ate at home for a good part of last month, so he's super excited about eating out. Whatever the case, you should check out his reviews of what we've been eating lately. Plenty more of that to come, I'm sure!


urban | initiative said...

you guys are so awesome!, i never knew we had SO much in common! food, furniture, photography, music [did i ever tell you i saw resident hero & flyleaf in denver?], and who knows what else!

love the blog.
fearing the detox.
keep it up!


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