this week's drama

Well...there may be another lag in posting. My computer died (or something - yet to be determined) on Wednesday. I've spent a good part of the week trying to figure all THAT out...and will probably end up taking it in to someone on Monday or Tuesday to get fixed. It's kinda put me in a shabby mood, which it shouldn't. I've just gotten behind on work...and may lose 6-8 months worth of files. It's not a HUGE deal really...I should be thankful. I've got a majority of my work stuff and bookmarks backed up on a thumb drive, and my music is all on my ipod - we have 2 OTHER computers (the laptop which I'm on currently - and Chance's). Really, we're blessed. But I'm pretty wound up from being behind on work as well as other things, and I probably won't post anything for the next several days, maybe a week. It's possible that Chance might write...but as for me, consider me on a temporary hiatus 'til I can pull myself together.

Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween.


urban | initiative said...

bummer about your computer... trust me, i know how you feel. i had incessant computer issues for like 2 solid years. things would be fine and then a week or two before finals [of course!] my computer would die and id have to send it in to hp to repair which always took at least 1 to 2 weeks to do... grr... if nothing else it taught me to back up my stuff like crazy and man do i thank my lucky stars for my external hard drive, lol!

i hope your issues are solved quickly and inexpensively, and in a lot more permanent manner than my 2 year battle... ugh.

will miss reading you over the next week!

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