we're still alive...i promise...

Well - here we are, more than a week later...and we haven't posted. I thought we'd be so much better at this. We have PLENTY to say - just no time to write it all out. Chance should have a big blog coming your way about our trip to Arizona (perhaps tomorrow)...

I would have helped him out in the blogosphere, but I've been kinda under the weather. The congestion I faced on our trip to Phoenix somehow morphed into a sinus infection. No biggie, right? I have those all the time. Well, somehow THAT turned into a migraine with a side of vertigo. Ha. Loads of fun. So - I inhaled some sort of nasal migraine treatment, plus I'm on an antibiotic and mucinex (on top of my normal meds). Lovely. Oh - and I've been assigned these exercises (similar to the ones pictured below) to clear my ears, or whatnot.

Spinning around on the bed is a real treat, let me tell you. Oh well. At least maybe this will keep me from almost falling over 13 times in the grocery store.

I just thought I'd let our faithful readers know we're still alive (barely), and that Chance will be in with a recap sometime soon-ish (hopefully Friday)! We're heading to Tyler on Sunday (at least, we're 99% sure we are) for a brief weekend 'getaway'. And that, my friends, is just about all I know.


Anonymous said...

Claire I'm so sorry you're feeling bad! I hate that sinus sickness. . . for me, that's the worst! Those exercises are . . . interesting. I hope you feel better soon!

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