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I've been debating for the past week or so which point and shoot camera Chance and I should get...and I'm making no progress, really. Every electronic piece of equipment we purchase is an absolute ordeal with me. It always has been - since I can remember - since I've been purchasing electronics. You may think I'm terrible with decisions anyway, which is true, but the electronic factor multiplies the indecisiveness by 10,000. I'm not kidding. It took me a month to pick out a digital slr three years ago (shoot, I think that's when it was), a couple of days to decide on a TV, and several weeks to pick out a printer which we didn't even end up getting. Chance doesn't care, as long as it's good - he's pleased. As for me - I want to make sure I'm getting the best product for the price, and the most fitting to us. This whole process can be quite tedious.

At first instinct (prior to doing my research) Chance and I had decided to probably go with the Canon 1100sd. Our friend Hollie has it, and it seemed good enough - and it was $150 on Amazon. Just at our price point. Then it occurred to me that someone MIGHT get it for us for Christmas, and might be able to spend 20 bucks more - which opened up a whole new range of products (mostly Canon).

Part of the problem I'm having with this decision is due to my mind changing. Originally I thought I NEEDED a viewfinder. Not having one (and just having a larger lcd) irked me...and made me feel like I was missing out on something. Now I know viewfinders in p&s's aren't exactly accurate, but good in case the sun is shining so brightly that you can't see your lcd. Now - I'm not as convinced that I need one (which also opens up another range of possibilities).

I can't decide exactly what I want in a camera. It will be our secondary camera - our 'fun' camera - our backup - our quickly accessable and carryable camera. And I've read reviews and posted on message boards but I can't seem to get a straight answer. WHICH IS BEST? WHICH IS PERFECT FOR US? Ugg.

I'm debating between the Canon SD1100, the Canon SD770, the Canon SD790, and the Panasonic Lumix TZ4.

I know Susan has expressed her love for the 1100, and Elizabeth and James have pretty much said kudos to Canon in general...but I want help. Which should we choose, and WHY?



James said...

Claire...dearest, they are all comparable cameras. Don't be fooled by more megapixels. It doesn't really matter on a p&s. Also, listen to Liz: you absolutely do not need a viewfinder on a p&s. You will never use it. I would suggest going with the smallest p&s you can. If it's even a wee bit larger than 'convenient', you won't carry it as often as you think you will. Make sure it has good macro capabilities, low light shooting capabilities, and make sure its flashes don't suck. Canon flashes are the best p&s's offer.

I know this is another generality, but check out this Gizmodo article.

If all else fails, draw straws (for which Canon you'll get). :)

Good luck and Godspeed.

Sara said...

I have a Canon SD1000 and I LOVE it. It's been a great little camera, and is small enough for me to stuff in my pocket/purse/etc. And I don't think I've ever once used the viewfinder...

You're welcome to play with it anytime if you wish. The ONLY thing I'm not crazy about is the time it takes for the flash to charge up, but that may be an issue on any P&S camera running on a teeny tiny battery.

I'm with James - Canon is good - draw straws to avoid the stress. Hey, you could even jazz up your straw-drawing process and sell tickets to the event to pay for the camera!

urban | initiative said...

well not to throw a monkey wrench into the works, but i have to agree with james, that theyre pretty much all the same.

if you want to know my background, i have a 7.2 megapixel sony cybershot dsc-p200 which is pretty much the most ridiculously long name i could put up with, lol. but its an awesome camera. i havent had any problems with it even after i dropped and trashed it they repaired it for free under my warranty. my parents have a different model of cybershot and theyve got had no problems either, theyre a nice camera.

karen has a kodak something or other that she got for christmas last year from her parents, and i usually would never recommend a kodak -gag me- but for a p&s its not a bad little camera. its actually smaller than mine and the lcd screen is pretty much the entire back of the camers, easily twice the size of mine. shes had a small problem with sticky buttons, but other than that ive been very impressed with the little bugger. it was much cheaper than my cybershot and id say it was a fantastic buy considering the price.

in the end, its just a little point & shoot camera - keep things in perspective, you know? youre looking in the relatively lower-price "party camera" range, so theres tons to choose from and they'll all do most of the same stuff. hell, doesnt ashton kutcher even have his own "party camera" sponsorship these days? lol!

dont frett too much over it, whatever you get will probably do what you want it to do and youve always got the awesome digi-slr if you ever need something spectacular.

good luck!

Kristen said...

i don't know if this helps but my camera is a SD1000 and I really like it. I will have it with me when we visit so if you want you can play with it. If you remind me I can bring the instruction book and you can look at all the neato extras it has... in fact if you could teach me how to use it that would be great! :)

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