my toes might fall off...

...because it's so SO SO cold in our house. Lol. Oops. This morning when I got up around 8:45 it was a frigid 64 degrees. It's inched its way up to 65 or 66 by now, but's dang cold in our house. I can't really complain - I made it that way. I have this thing about turning on the heat - I just hate doing it. It always smells funny when you turn it on for the first time that year, and it makes me feel slightly like I'm suffocating, so I avoid it like the plague. No one told me how cold it was gonna' be last night though! Goodness! I think I've succumbed to Chance's wishes and will probably turn it on tonight, but I'm sitting here in big fuzzy slipper socks, fingerless gloves, and sweats and eating oatmeal to avoid doing it right this second. I know. I'm crazy. But how many of you have turned your heat on already? Eh?

Well - we didn't mean to fall off the face of the earth - or...quit blogging, but somehow we just totally stopped for 4 days after NaBloPoMo ended. That wasn't our intention. I kinda wanted to keep it up. Oh well. Here I am now - that's what matters, right? (:

As you all know, our Thanksgiving week was a blast...and the weekend following was great as well. Our house is all ready for the holidays, and we've gotten to have a few friends over since then. On Monday night, we celebrated Natalie's birthday (better late than never). Some of you might remember Natalie - she's the precious friend who made me one of the best gifts ever.

I got the table all decorated for Christmastime - I even finally put something in our photo coasters that have been empty for 2 years (still not what I WANT to do with them, but good for the holidays).

Chance made his yummy turkey (leftover) enchiladas. I craved these things ALL year long, so it was great to finally have them again!

We had so much fun talking and laughing with Natalie,

and then we had her birthday pie (Buckeye Pie, sans Buckeyes).

I forgot to get candles, but oh well. I think she liked it anyway. It was actually slightly too rich for me (which may be a first), but it was relatively tasty. I think my chocolate icebox pie is better though...(sorry Nat)!

Chance took some goofy pictures of us, because I realized it'd been about 4 years since we had a picture together. Dang. We needed to fix that, and we STILL need to get some better ones (note to self : don't wear hoodies in photos).

And I got to give Nat her present I'd been working on - a scarf! I got the idea from Beth's blog and just edited it a little. Nat's got it on in the pictures...over her other beautiful coral-colored scarf from Europe. Lol. But here's what it looks like on its own:

We had a pretty awesome night - which was only followed by a relatively good rest-of-the-week-so-far. We had lunch at Obee's on Monday with (and provided by) Emily and Charlie, Tuesday was a lost day (I have NO CLUE what happened), Wednesday night was small group at Howie's, and Thursday Nicole came over for lunch, and Tiffany came over for Dinner/Grey's Anatomy. So - it's been pretty great (minus all the errands and appointments of yesterday, but those weren't TERRIBLE either). I'm ready for the weekend, even though ours technically doesn't start til Sunday...but we might get to see my sister tonight - so that'd be pretty cool! That is...if my appendages don't freeze off first.


Anonymous said...

We haven't turned on our heat yet either. I love our space heater! $60 and it keeps it so we don't have to turn on the heat for a LONG time (= lower utility bills)!

I kinda paused blogging after NaBloPoMo too, it's kinda nice to have a break. . . I have a bunch lined up but I just have to finish the posts and I put it off and put it off . . . :)

I love the scarf you made. It looks so great!

Megan said...

I'm the EXACT same way about our heater. I feel like it's suffocating me even when I know we need it on:)

Claire said...

@ Beth - Is it a floor heater thing? Maybe we should invest (or ask for it for Christmas). Is it pretty portable? much do you think it saves? If you didn't have to turn on the heat last night or today, you probably won't have to. Lol. I buckled this afternoon when I wasn't able to type anymore because my hands were so cold. Ugg. I hate it though.

@ Megan - I don't feel so crazy now. That's EXACTLY my problem. Suffocation (which is one of my worst worst worst fears).

R.A. said...

Where are you? Get on AIM or something. There are things to be discussed. DISCUSSION!

(I know you're there, you just posted a comment.)

susan j. said...

the nasty smell comes from dust that's accumulated on the heating element all year long which starts to burn off... try turning on the heat then heading out for a movie or something, it'll be nice & cozy when you get home and best of all, sans suffocation!

on the other hand, good space heaters can be very very effective! but be sure to research your product, is all i can tell ya

Claire said...

@ Mrs. James (SO WEIRD NOT CALLING YOU FRIMPTER!)...Good call on the turning it on and leaving, except I dunno if Chance would let me do that. 'wasteful'.

Oh well. It got warm again. And...I DID turn the heater on and it wasn't SOOOOO bad. I never knew it was b/c of dust! You're so smart!

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