i'm giddy...

...like a 16 year old girl. Resident Hero finally put up one of their newest recordings on their myspace this afternoon and I'm floored. Hearing their new song, "The Pressure" (no..the link is not broken I'm just not 100% sure you'll all be able to see it - but whatever, I digress)...took me back 9 years to the moment I fell in love with them in the passenger seat of Brooke's car. And then after that, when she dragged me to the first bar I ever went to to see the first real rock band I ever saw.

Lol. Wow. We even saw them on prom night.

So much has happened since then.

I know the song probably won't quite do for you what it did for me - It still has me reeling, it gave me chills, it made me truly feel something in a place I rarely do. But then, Ryan White's songwriting, guitar playing, and vocals are what made me fall head over heels for music. It was Resident Hero's passion (a passion which I have not seen surpassed) that inspired me to keep listening, seeking it out, promoting bands, and even start a management company with Chance.

I'm so impressed with how far he's come musically (oh, if I could only play some RH circa 1999 for you - and I loved it then)!

I can't guarantee that you'll like it. But you guys should all check it out...even if they're not your style. And wish them luck - they're showcasing in NY next week - hopefully something good will come of it. If Resident Hero isn't your flavor, or if you like pop music better than rock...you can check out his acoustic project with Gavi: Birds of New York.

That's all for now. Be expecting some possible future blogs about...my past and my future. Oh - and whatever Chance might want to write about. (:


urban | initiative said...

wow, i havent listened to them in a while... this song is great though, im diggin it. the two shows ive seen them put on were awesome!
theyve certainly come a long way since the early cd ive got, i hope they get wherever it is they want to go. =]
whatever happened to your managing company anwyay? lovin the blog as always!

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