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'Vacation' (in quotes due to the fact that I didn't really GET one) has been quite enjoyable, but now that we're back to Austin (in my case, after 3 weeks of being gone)...things seem a bit more frantic. Don't get me wrong - since our return on Saturday afternoon we've gotten quite a lot done and had plenty of fun (playing with Charlie, Emily and my beloved Brooker). That doesn't change the fact that the to-do list for tomorrow and the rest of the week is gigantic. But oh well. I guess I'll focus on that when the time comes. In the next day or two, you'll probably be reading a few blogs from us, hopefully with 'vacation' photos and the like. As we've warned you before, they might be long, but hopefully they'll be an enjoyable recap of our adventures.

For the time being, I thought I'd satiate your thirst with a project I started and completed that may influence my future. (:

Emily (who you should all know by now) and I agreed to go 'fabric shopping' today for her nursery. Although we never really got around to it, we found some great materials on the interwebs...along with some accessories - and she came up with an idea for a 'theme' for her nursery. It all unfolded in less than an hours' time. Pretty impressive really. However, she was having a little trouble explaining it all to her mom, so I decided I'd put together an inspiration board (design board, mood board, whatever you want to call it) for little "Chigger's" (as I so lovingly call him) future nursery.

I've never put together one of these before, and I can't take 100% credit for this one (I DID find the background premade here). Despite my 'cheating', I'm pretty happy with it for my first time. And I'm thrilled that we found so many cool things for Em's baby's room. She seemed to like it too.

Here it is in all it's glory (click on the image to see it larger):

In the 3-4 hours it took me to pull this together (I'll admit, it's been so long since I've used photoshop that I'm kinda slow)...I realized that maybe THIS really IS what I want to do: design. Interior design. Decorating. Something along those lines. Now, the decision lies in whether I want/need to go back to school and whether I want to be licensed. Well, there are quite a few decisions that need to be made, get the picture. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do! I CLEARLY need to get a better handle on photoshop again, and need to be educated somehow...but...

We shall see.

Oh. Also, Chance just found our future home. Not really, but this house is absolutely freaking amazing and I want it badly. Okay. So it's about 50sqft smaller than ours, and one less bedroom...but still, it's beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the funky aqua-scape idea! Those are such great fabrics! It's kinda funny, we have a giant squid on our ceiling at work ( and this scheme reminds me a bit of him. :)

Elizabeth said...

Aww...I can't wait to read about and see pictures of all the things you guys did on your "vacation".

Kristen said...

Great job with the idea board. I can save you a little time when it comes to interior design since I looked all that crap up when I was an interior design major. You technically don't really need formal schooling or a license unless you want to work for a big time firm... and even then some of them don't care. It's all about experience and a portfolio. I highly suggest you find a small firm who will take you on as an intern (paid or not) and just get your hands dirty. You'll know in a short time if you like it or not and whether or not you want to work for the type of place where you would need a degree. (and if you do go for a degree some of your architecture classes *should* transfer)

I think you would be great at Interior Design. You are so friendly and very talented. People would love working with you. I still thinking about being an interior designer part time when I have kids... who knows!

Are ya'll looking to move? (I LOVE the porch!)

Claire said...

@Beth - That squid is AWESOME! We'll see if the design ideas get used, but maybe. I LOVE the fabric too. That's what got me excited about the whole thing.

@Elizabeth - You may be taking that back now, seeing the length of the vacation blogs so far. Lol.

@Kris - Hrm. Good call on the license/big firm thing. Hadn't though of that. I really do still want to do some more learning though, before I get to the hands on portion. And - I could have done the Paid or Not thing in college but probably not now. Chance wouldn't be too happy about that. I need to be bringing in SOME income. Thanks for the compliments. If you lived in Austin..dangit..we'd just start a practice.

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