january's been a whirlwind

The past few weeks have been quite busy, and maybe even slightly more fun than the 'norm' (as you can probably tell from our lack of blogging - we really need to work on that). I feel like we've been quite a bit more social than normal...which feels really good to me...but it makes work that much harder. Lol. Oh well.

When we got back from our holiday adventures, Brooke was in town, and then she came back the following weekend with her friend Emily from nursing school. It was SO good to spend some time with those ladies (and the rest of our friends we met up with while they were here). It was a real treat to get to see Brooke two weekends in a row (although I can't believe she made two trips down here)! I'm sorry she got in a wreck and had to get her car fixed up...but I'm certainly glad it took them a little too long to fix it so she graced us with her presence again! (:

In the past couple of weeks, we've also been blessed to have Monday-sushi-night with Charlie and Emily two weeks in a row! The first week we tried Maki (a create-your-own style sushi place) - you can read Chance's food blog for a full review.

This past Monday we enjoyed Austin's first conveyor belt sushi place...K.G. Sushi Train...they were having a special for $1.50 per plate...Chance and I totally loaded up on sushi - we all ate way too much!

The Monday we went to Maki (2 weeks ago) we also headed to my cousin Howie's to play wii with him...and we had a blast. Lol. He got some weird game pack that was pretty complicated, I must say. Check out the old man in the corner...lol...

Chance got pretty good at a few of the games...and Howie and I showed him up in basketball. The wii world is the only place where us shorties can beat giants like Chance. (:

...more fun ensued on Wednesday. We went to Liz and James' place for Elizabeth's 28th birthday party - and there were crepes and coffee for everyone to enjoy! It was a blast talking to friends from church and hearing some snippits of future Jets Under Fire songs, courtesy of Corbin. It was super chill....the cream puffs were tasty (even frozen), and the company was even better.

Seriously - we've had a ton going on...so much it's hard for me to remember it all! This past weekend was incredibly fun. Michael, Julia, and Sherrice all came in town on Saturday for the Wideawake CD release show. They came in a little early so we could play some games...we ended up playing Gemblo (which is similar to Blokus), Wasabi (which was just awesome), and Tsuro (which we love). The show was early, so we headed out for an early dinner and stopped along the way at Dragon's Lair (a comics/gaming store). We went about 6 months ago, and I had totally felt out of place...but this time, I felt like I fit right in. Hahah. I think I'm embracing my inner nerd more than I have been. After some shopping (and purchasing by Michael and Julia),

we went down the road to Phil's Icehouse (mmm, love me some sweet potato fries), which everyone seemed to love. After stuffing our faces, we headed to the show - where Sherrice and Michael stood in line and Julia and I sat in the car and stayed warm til the doors opened. It was good to see Wideawake again,

and I've got a billion opinions on the show...but I'm just hoping someone else (ahem, Sherrice) will review it for me. The best part of the show was my cousin Ashley appearing out of nowhere - shoot, I hadn't seen that girl in like 2 years. It was great to get to hug her!!!

After the show, we played a new game that Michael and Julia had just bought - and Chance joined us...he got home from work about the same time we got home from the show. Then - we headed to Whataburger to re-fuel, and followed up our grubbin' with some Killer Bunnies (which my pal Philip had given us for Christmas). It was a long, busy, fun day - I haven't had that much fun in quite some time.

...but we did have quite a fun time this past Sunday. After church we went to Lunch with Sherrice (who'd spent the night), Stephanie, Trey, Corbin, and Chad (Corb's brother) at Magnolia cafe. Mmmmm...good food. Then - Stephanie and Trey came over with their precious Yorkie, Becsar, and we introduced him to Freddie and Brewster. We played Killer Bunnies with them before they had to head off to dinner with some folks. Sunday evening we went to help Blaine and Elizabeth Crockett move their dining table into their new house, but it was already done once we'd arrived. We decided to help them out instead by going out to eat with them. Hahaha. We went to Firehouse Subs, which was actually REALLY good (not nearly as good as Obee's, but it certainly beats Jimmy John's, Subway, Jersey Mike's (which I really like) and POSSIBLY even Which Wich). They have a huge variety of hot sauces you can add to your sandwich (my personal favorite being Pappy's White Lightning)...mmm. Tasty.

In the midst of all of this 'being social'...we've also gotten a good deal of work done. Okay, okay...it's not as much as I'd like. But we've at least gotten the ball rolling on the garage organization project (which is huge). I forgot to take a 'before' photo...but I guess I should take one now so that you can see at least a portion of what we've come from. So far I've gone through about 3/4 of my stuffed animals and several other boxes, while Chance has hung a shelf and started putting things in the attic (where he had to first lay wood across the rafters).

It's going to be quite a process, but at least we're moving on it. Yesterday we painted one wall so we can start getting things set up at least along that wall. I'm really hoping we can finish it by March - that's my goal...because I'll have a lot of other projects to complete after that!

And now...I'm sick - with some kind of severe sore throat (maybe strep?)...I'm going to the doctor this afternoon. Fun fun fun.

So...in case you've wondered WHY we've been slackers....we really haven't - just in the blogging arena. I'm hoping we'll get around to posting more blogs (shorter ones)...as our schedule starts to clear. 2009 has certainly started out as a busy year for the Patricks!


Elizabeth said...

Awww...Phils.....It's torture working three building down from that place!!! It smells so good, especially in the mornings around 11ish!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys ARE busy!

And I'm sorry you're sick too. It sucks a lot. :(

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