hope it's happy

Well, happy new year, readers! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - or whatever you might celebrate - and a very entertaining end of 2008. Our Christmas was BUSY, but pretty dang great. But, well fill you in more later (maybe after I upload some photos).

Chance and I have been apart since Christmas evening, but he's coming back to Tyler tomorrow to celebrate my dad's 60th and pick me up to take me to Amarillo for his vacation! That should be fun.

In the meantime...I'm still working and visiting friends. Still have a few left to see (and I'm SO SORRY if I didn't get to hang out with you and you live in Tyler - boo)!

So, we'll be back mid-January, unless we decide to start blogging before our vacay ends which is entirely possible. I mean we really should. I've already forgotten what I've done all week. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Look for a slew of posts coming up, like I said...sooner or later.

And have a happy happy 2009 while you're waiting to hear from us again. (:


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you guys too!

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