aggie networking

Claire and I both have telecommunications and media studies degrees. IE: we "should" know how to network computers, modems, cables, etc. As of today we have been married for about 1 year and almost 9 months. During this time we have shared music through a flash drive. Folder after tedious folder we would share in our joy of music. Tonight, we realized we could just network our computers together and give and take as we pleased. Also we noted that we could share the one printer that had previously been solely in use by Claire's PC. Yes, we are Aggies and the Aggies are we.

Finally my degree came in handy for something. I knew that 20 grand would be worth it.


Anonymous said...


We are the Aggies, the Aggies are we. . . :)

R.A. Ray said...

Let's not lump all of us together in this instance. Mmmkay thx bye!

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