blog numero uno...

Holy Cow. Like 5 hours later and I'm blogging.

Chance and I have been wanting a blog for some time...but I've been busy painting furniture and getting the house together - and he's been busy working. I was DETERMINED to get a wordpress blog and do it all myself - all the coding - all the prettiness - all that jazz. I thought blogger was a cop-out...and if I were a REAL designer, I'd make it happen on wordpress.

Clearly, that did not happen.

We finally got around to creating this guy today, due to a change in evening plans. And...I gave up on the wordpress idea. Unfortunately, I can't remember any code...anything Robert Adam taught me. Nothing. So we had to settle for the time being. Perhaps someday I can beg James to make a wordpress blog for us. Or maybe someday I'll reteach myself CSS. But until then...this'll have to do.

We're excited about joining the blogosphere...we read so many of our friends' blogs, and now maybe they can keep up with us. We let our old url ( go for now...but maybe someday we'll repurchase it to make keeping up with us easier. But for now...bookmark this - or subscribe to the feed - cuz we'll be here a while!

Pretty soon we'll be posting a recap (or two) of the past year and a half of our lives (since we've been married)! Then we'll move forward to our day-to-day lives...and talk about...well, whatever we want!

Pardon my random elipses (...) and bizarre punctuation. I guess you'll have to get used to it (and Chance's spelling). (: --- And my backwards smileys. You'll get the hang of it.

For now, I bid you adieu.


James said...

C & C, welcome to the blogosphere! Claire, don't feel bad about the Wordpress thing. After all, blogging is about the writing and not about the design (even though I said, 'oh, cool' when your blog loaded). But I would be glad to offer any coding help I can.

Keep up the good work, kids. I look forward to your written antics in the coming weeks!

Claire said...

It doesn't help much that I picked a template 'en espanol'. I can't read half of the code because it's not in english, and I can't get to the style sheet due to traffic at its location. blast. (:

I may take you up on that offer!

elizabeth said...

Hey! Welcome!! So glad to see you have joined us here in blog world....looking forward to future posts!

Anonymous said...

Yay for blogging. You KNOW I'm addicted. . .

I used blogger for awhile, but I've found I like wordpress better. . . but I cop out and use the pre set up themes that they have. Eventually I want to design my own and host it on my own domain, but for now, canned theme it is.

Yay that you have a blog! I like the design. :)

zaque said... - like blogspot, except it doesn't suck.

How are you kids doing.

Chance and Claire said...

@ "Zaque" - Lol. I know, I know. I'm just waiting til I get creative and get a spot. Til then, we're on blogger. I like its attachment to google/gmail. Thanks though, Mr. Blog snob. (: Hehehe. Hope Cali is treating you well.

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