dogs are evacuees too

Sometimes plans change on us. Today was one of those days. As of Sunday, I planned to wake up around 10, have a smoothie (more on that later), make a few phone calls to repairmen for the house, eat some lunch, and then start working on cleaning out the garage. We might possibly throw in a movie at the end of the night but that was up in the air. Well At around 12pm, I glance out the front door and see a dog chasing a car down the street. Being curious I step outside and see if I can get the dog to come over to me. Reluctantly at first, then exuberantly after that he chases me down. I wanted to see if I could get close enough to befriend him, read his tags, and return him to his home that presumably contained him and stopped him from chasing 2 ton killing machines down the road.

Well wouldn’t you know the luck, NO TAGS. Let me take a brief intermission and get on a soapbox. WHY do people not tag their dogs? They are magicians, escape masters, and they can wiggle a 50 pound body through a 6” by 6” hole. Please tag your dogs for when they do escape someone like us can return them to you. Anyways, the thought crossed my mind to go inside, let the dog go on his merry way, and pretend it never happened. Unfortunately this dog pulled on my heartstrings, he was cute, and I told Claire to come out and see him. That’s mistake number one. Claire immediately falls in love. (Mind you, this is dog number 3 that this has happened with). Being the Good Samaritan she is we set off with dog in tow to ask all the neighbors if they know who the dog belongs to. No luck there either. We take He-Man (that’s what I decided to call him during his brief stint at the Patrick house) to the vet to see if he is micro-chipped. No luck again. At home once again Claire proceeds to make out posters about a found dog and post ads on Craigslist. As of 10:15 tonight we have no responses.

So this is a call out to all of you our new, loyal, and dog loving readers. Please let us know if you would be interested in adopting He-man (you can change his name if you must). We really would like to give him to a good home rather than take him to Town Lake Animal Shelter. We can’t keep him ourselves more than a day or two, Freddie doesn’t like him much.

So we could really use your help to spread the word and pictures to friends that you think might be interested in adopting him.


Anonymous said...

He's way cute. . . we're not in the market for a dog right now, but I'll ask around and see if anyone wants to adopt him.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you just found one, someone dumped a entire litter of four or five week old puppies here. We took them to the E. Tx Animal Shelter (which is no kill). They were very nice and, for a donation, took them in. It ended up being a litter of either (four dumped in two places). I wish I could take yours but I am down to four dogs and I need to be down a little more (had 7). Good luck and I will pass the word. Just now got the message, maybe you can hold out for another day or so. Susan Jasper

Sheridan said...

so cute! i don't think we're ready for a dog just yet. when can you guys come out and see our new place? we'll cook you dinner...

Chance and Claire said...

@ beth - Thanks!

@ Susan - Goodness. I can't imagine. I'm glad the Animal Shelter took them in. We called the no kill shelter here and they don't take strays from people. Looking for the owner or for a possible rescue group that will take him if we can't find someone!

@ Sheridan - lol. I understand. Dogs are work! That's why we can't handle 3. (well that and our house isn't big enough!!!) We'd love to come see your new place - I didn't realize you'd moved already! We're on a weird diet right now -but sometime soon!

James said...

"Weird diet"? Sounds like a blog post coming on :)

Anonymous said...

He's so cute. I'm going to discuss him we Jarrett. We want another dog.

-Catherine Clyburn

Anonymous said...

Ah, he's adorable! Wish we could take him in! Sorry we can't help. Love the blog! All I'm going to say is its about time! :) Can I make a request that after the diet post, can there be one on all that painted furniture? :) Hope all is well! ~Kaki

Chance and Claire said...

@ James - Yup. Chance's in charge of that one. (: Look for it soon!

@ Cat - I hope this works out... (:

@ Kaki - Lol - y'all have quite a bit on your hands to worry about right now. Of course you can't take a pup. Goodness. And yes - the furniture blog is coming as well! Suuuure is!

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