truly honored

Holy Moly! I woke up this morning and was enjoying my morning ritual of blog reading, when lo-and-behold - I saw my furniture. My sleepy eyes did a double take. I thought I had made a mistake and posted the blog twice, then I realized it wasn't my blog at all!

I feel so honored - Olga from Ginger & Gold (one of the design blogs I read) featured my furniture in one of her blogs today! I'm still in shock - I feel so special to even be mentioned by someone who does incredible work such as this Before/After:

Can you believe that transformation - with a little paint and some repurposed legs?

I've been reading her blog for several weeks...she blogs about pretty things + her own great re-do's. She's done some great things you'd never think of with upholstery tacks too!

We've only blogged six times, but already we've received mention on two of our friend's blogs...and now on Olga's - who we don't personally know. That's pretty good encouragement to keep going, and to keep trying to be creative! (:

Check out Olga's Blog:


Anonymous said...

Yay Claire! You're furniture redo was just that good!

R.A. Ray said...

Speaking of mentioning blogs, if you REALLY liked my last post you could hook a brother up with a link back. Heard?


Just sayin'.

olga said...

Thanks for the link girl, and the kind words.

Olga at

natalie said...

I think you might like this blog -design sponge- if you don't already browse it. I believe that furniture trans above is featured on this site as well.


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