vegetables = vegetables

The diet: woman’s daily challenge, man’s worst enemy, natures’ cruelest joke. Once upon a time men, women, children, and dogs ate what they wanted, they might have had a little extra meat on their bones, yet they stayed warm in the winter. They didn’t have organic eggs, soy milk, almond milk, all natural, unprocessed, and fat free foods. What they had was meat. Meat, potatoes, bread, and whole milk, and they were happy. Now fast forward 50-100 years and you enter the Patrick household.

Day 1, circa Sept. 9th 2008, there is no meat in sight, no milk, no beverages other than water and herbal tea. There is the option for vegetables with fruit or fruit with, you guessed it, vegetables. Mind you there are no sauces, salts, pre-made seasonings, ketchup, condiments, or moisture to be added to your vegetables either. You can put some tomato paste in with your squash and zucchini in hopes that all of it combined will create enough moisture to make it palatable.

Somehow, before this time of vegetables, my lovely wife convinced me to do a 21 day Detox diet with her. A lot of our friends have been doing different versions of the same diet and all have said they felt better afterward. Well, our eating habits aren’t necessarily poor, but they could be improved. So we thought we would give it a shot. Our main goal is to lose weight and feel better. My motivation is to support Claire, because I am a bad influence when it comes to food, and to get my blood pressure down. Claire’s goals are to lose weight, to cut out/back on caffeine, and feel better in a general health sense.

Just a quick run down on what we could eat day 1-10. We are allowed vegetables, fruits (berries, kiwis, lemons, limes, and granny smith apples only), some FEM supplement, almond milk, and nuts (No peanuts, however). Yeah, that’s it for 10 days. It’s fine the first 1-3 days. Then you get hungry. Then day 5-8 everything starts to taste the same. Day 9 and 10 you just decide you don’t want to eat because everything tastes the same. Keep in mind this is my perspective, not Claire’s. Day 11 precious, precious eggs become available in this torture we call a diet. Chicken, fish, lean and organic meats become available as well as goat & feta cheese. So maybe we can survive 10 more days with a little variety.

So to go along with everything tasting the same you have to come up with some creative cooking. Such as “Mushroom Pizza.” Maybe it looks appetizing and tastes decent, but it still comes out tasting like vegetables with more vegetables. When you eat veggies at a restaurant they are smothered in butter and salt. One tends not to think about this until you are on a unseasoned vegetable diet.

I say all this sarcastically, but really, it has been a good challenge for both of us. Many nights we talked about the foods we long for but so far have both been really good and only eaten what we are allowed. So the next 10 days with a little protein should be easy. As much as I enjoyed Claire cooking her vegetable stir fry,

I look forward to some fish and chicken. We both think we have lost about 7 pounds thus far. Neither of us have had any caffeine, salt, or meat. So maybe there is something to it. I am glad we have done it but can’t wait to go enjoy a cold Dr. Pepper and some enchiladas. 10 days to go. Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

What? Vegetables and no seasoning? Sounds like shear craziness to me!

Good luck guys - you are embarking on something that sounds like my worst nightmare!

Chance and Claire said... We can have seasoning. Just no salt - and no pre-made seasonings. Just herbs. Basil, oregano, and such. It's fine. Lol. (: We're on day 12 right now, and it's only 21 days (although we may cut it down to 20 so we can have a fun meal on Chance's day off that week.)

Sara said...

Holy cow, sounds tough. Good luck! I'll think of you every time I enjoy my Dr. Peppers... mwahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

No salt!??

Pure torture I tell you!

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