blinding lights

Claire and I now know we have healthy eyes. In her case she is just a bit far-sighted. In my case, well, I might as well be blind without some sort of vision enhancing equipment. But beyond degradation of vision our eyeballs are healthy and without pestilence. Today was the first time I have had my eyes dilated at the optometrist. Let's just say it was weird when I was done. Everything was really bright and slightly blurry. So going outside at 5pm in the middle of dusk was some what traumatic. We managed however.

After the blinding light we went to small group and had some delicious homemade butternut squash soup that Hollie made. After that I managed to squeeze in a few slices of fresh baked banana bread. Man that Hollie is a good cook.

Speaking of eye-opening, small group was interesting tonight. We discussed breathing. We discussed how old Christians had the belief that your breath and the spirit were one and the same. Also that the name Yahweh when pronounced in the Hebrew was believed to have the same sounds as breathing. The word is all vowel like noises that correspond with the breathing. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong on that. I am just going off of Rob Bell's word. In essence we breathe the name of God. Now I know I don't discuss religion on here a lot, and this isn't necessarily a religious post. What it is, is a chance to take a step back and analyze my words, how I speak to others, and what frivolous things I spend my day talking about. Rather than encourage I end up destroying. Whether you are a Christian or not, some times we need to take time to step back and see if we are encouraging those around us or causing a nest of confusion. Hopefully we can use our breaths to do good. Whether it just be a nice hello or a deep conversation that builds on a friendship.


Anonymous said...

I strongly dislike getting my eyes dilated. STRONGLY.

I have never heard about the tie between breathing and Yahweh. . . breathing the name of God. What a beautiful thought. Breathing to build others up . . .I like it. Thanks for sharing.

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