book vs. space

I've started to notice lately that I've been getting on facebook about 10,000x more than MySpace. Strange, too....I was just the opposite a few months back - rarely checking facebook but on MySpace every 5 minutes. So, what's the deal?

Why do we change our internet habits suddenly and randomly?

I started blogging back in 2003 on Live Journal. That lasted about a year, and then I made the switch to Xanga, shortly after I joined Facebook. A few months to a year later, I joined MySpace. And since then...I quit blogging on Xanga...blogged a bit on MySpace, and then ventured over here (after a period of not blogging). Now that we've got a more 'official' blog (for some reason I feel like blogger/wordpress are so much more official than Xanga/LJ - why is that?)...I feel like I've finally settled in to my 'place' on the interwebs. It took me so long to get here...that by the time I did all of the bloggers from blogs I frequent have dwindled, or quit. Many of the people that inspired me to write and get a blog have either completely stopped blogging, or taken to doing it very very rarely. And the people I used to talk to on MySpace, are all now over on facebook or twitter. It's hard to keep up with everyone. Why can't we just consolidate? And...why do we flip flop so much?

I'm just curious. Is anyone else experiencing a phenomenon like this? I guess Elise's blog today really got me thinking. That, and a text message I recieved from my friend Sherrice saying she'd sent me a MySpace message DAYS ago and I hadn't responded. I hadn't even thought to check it, which surprised me, because at some point a few months ago I wouldn't have gone an hour without checking it. And now...I'm allllll over facebook, when a few months ago I swore I wouldn't use it anymore because they'd changed the layout. When's facebook going to become obsolete? The whole Web 2.0 world is terribly difficult to keep up with.

Anyone have any thoughts on any of this? I'm just curious. I'd waste so much less time if things were simplified...but for now, I guess I'll keep checking 10 different websites every 5 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I've never done the MySpace thing at all because Jason and I had a disagreement about it early on and I just kept away. Facebook just seems safer for some reason because I actually knew the people that wanted to be my friends. I'm not a regular facebooker, I only respond to wall comments and messages but Jason is addicted. He posts notes and links and tags people and updates albums. . .etc. What's funny to me is that facebook offers 'notes' which is like blogging but for some reason it doesn't appeal to me the way a blog does!

I do understand the blogging switcharoo. I tried Live Journal for awhile and I created a whiny pathetic blog, then I tried blogspot and it was too narrowly focused and I lost interest. Now with Wordpress, I like the interface more and it's broad enough that I can write about whatever I feel like sharing, which works a lot better for me! :)

brookeandemily said...

i was just thinking about that the other day -- how i rarely get on myspace anymore. Its always annoyed me -- peoples pages that are out of control and take 10 years to load. and facebook was getting like that until they changed it up -- and as much as i hated it at first... i kinda like it now because the pages are more organized and you dont have to search through all the crap applications before finding someones wall. haha :) Anyway - i was even thinking about deleting my myspace --but there are SOME people who have myspace and dont have facebook - so i will hold on just to be able to communicate if i need to with those people.. PLUS someone told me that its a real pain to delete your myspace if you dont have the original email they sent you when you first got it. hah - that was when i had my tamu email and i definitely dont ahve that anymore. maybe thats not true. i dont know.

Anyway -- im not a blogger myself - ive tried and tried and i just dont have anything interesting to talk about. The super personal stuff i dont want out there for anyone to come across and... yeah - i feel like people would be bored with my life. who knows -- maybe someday i will try again :) hah - but i cant even figiure out how to get it to not say "brookeandemily" from my trip blog. im just not good with this stuff.

anyway - i love you and i AM glad that you blog so i can keep up with what youre up to and how youre doing. sooo - dont quit - i check it regularly :)

Anonymous said...

I started out on Facebook so I've always kinda stuck close to it, but I did make a myspace page for Shane and I but I very rarely use check it. I used to because I had some friends on facebook, and some on myspace but now most of the myspace friends are on facebook, so theres really no reason to have the myspace any more but for whatever reason I just can't make myself delete it. I first started a blog on xanga, it was so sporadic but I did actually write on and around our wedding day, so its fun to have those memories now. I actually transferred those posts over to a post on blogspot so I could keep it all together. I'm glad you've decided to keep with the blogging, A. I know where I can respond with comments :) and B. it's fun to hear whats going on with ya'll! Hope all is well!

Claire said...

@ Beth - I know a lot of people who never got on MySpace at all, or are getting off because they just get so much crap from people on there. Can't blame 'em. Facebook just gets better all the time.

@ Brooke - Eh, don't delete your myspace. I need you in my top friends. (: I thought I hated facebook too when it changed, but you're right - it's a lot better than it was. You had a livejournal too. Man, those were the days. And a xanga. You've moved all over the place too, eh? I'd LOVE to read about your life. If only you could get your account name changed. You could always sign up for a wordpress blog instead of blogger.

@ Kaki - I'll have to go back and read some of your old posts - part of me thinks I've already done that. I just can't remember. (: It's DEFINITELY nice to have those memories. Maybe we just exist where our friends are. Hrm.

Anonymous said...

Why we move so much for a better place to blog? This is an easy answer. If you do not get comments on your blogs you feel like no one reads them. You blog more where you get comments. Myspace changed there page up so blogging was not one of you easy to find spots. This makes it harder to read them inturn no comments.

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