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I am not really one to spew out my opinion on politics, but, I am ready to spit this out and be done with it. Regardless of who I backed in the most recent election I can't help but be nervous now that the time has passed. I am proud, I think America has made a step in the right direction with their choice yesterday. I think America has made a wrong choice because now there is very little balance of power. I think we made the wrong choice because like my mom said we just voted in a "global" president. I for one would like a president who is the president of the United States. It makes me nervous but at the same time optimistic that the world has celebrated our choice for leader elect. I can do nothing but pray that this man makes sound decisions for the US, not for the global state.

I would hope that the new step we have taken is a step towards peace with one another, towards a Union that is truly united. I think it's amazing we have voted a man of different color into office. I just hope that isn't the reason that we voted him in, I hope it is not the reason we are celebrating. Maybe we can forget the color, which is what should be done. It is what I have done with friends from African-American decent, to Lebanese, to Mexican, to Chinese, to white suburban. I would celebrate no different any moment with these friends due to their color than I would with anyone else. I would celebrate because they achieved something, not that they are of certain decent and then they achieved something. I would not celebrate a persons color over their accomplishment. That is what bothers me most. I want to celebrate a step in the right direction as a whole, towards union. I don't want to celebrate a color.

So I will support my president, although I know I disagree with many things he stands for. I would like to ask you Mr. Obama to stand not for hope or change or a color or a segment of people as you have said all along. I would ask you to stand for union. For a country that can recover, that can sort out wars, that can sort out a poor economy, that can make the right decisions towards taxes, health care, education, homosexuality, church & state, and foreign relations. I want a man of invisible color that makes the rest of us invisible to each other's color.

That is all I have to say and all you will hear me say for the next 4 years on that. I won't give you my beliefs on the details. Just what I would like out of the next 4 years. Take it as you will.

And on a less, well, political note. I will beg of you dear readers to lend me your opinions. Claire and I are in the market for a new/newly used car. We are considering the 07-09 Toyota Camry, 09 Toyota Corolla Sport, 08-09 Nissan Altima, and the 07-09 Mazda 3. If any of you have experience, thoughts, knowledge, or advice towards these vehicles please let us know. We can use any help we can get.


urban | initiative said...

lol! i cant help but point out the irony in wanting a president thats for the home-land and then debating on which foreign car to buy! ;]

as for the politics, ive been extremely quiet in my own blog during this election - which is VERY unusual for me - but youve intrigued me.
i havent been in texas for a long time now [although i miss it terribly!] and i cant speak for the situation there, but here in ohio, ive never heard his ethnicity even mentioned seriously. other than some passing remark about how the nation has taken a step in the right direction towards overcoming racism to even consider a candidate that isnt white, its never come up. im not sure whats going on back home, but it sounds like people are focusing on some very wrong issues...
and i do hope youre right. i hope he does unite us. i hope he does put america first on his agend. and i hope he does make wise decisions. but id have those same hopes for any president elect that holds so much of my future in his [or her!] hands.

i will disagree with you very briefly though. i dont think hope or change are bad things to have on any of our minds in the currect state of the union, especially for a president. but maybe thats just me.

good luck with the car!

Elizabeth said...

Blaine and I drove a Camry to New Mexico and back in 2006. It was the most comfortable ride and the gas milage was pretty great especially for the size of the vehicle. Hope this helps!

Elizabeth said...

I say go with the Toyota or Nissan - you'll be happier in the long run because you'll get a long run out of either of them. Good cars. Especially the Camry.

You can get some good advice from Daine too - he is the master when it comes to cars. :)

Chance said...

@urban initiative..Yes that is ironic, ha, hadn't thought about that. It's not so much that I don't think we need hope or change, we do, it's that I think as whole those things can be accomplished through unity more so than really good speeches.

It's not necessarily in Texas that his color is a huge deal (although it is amongst some). It's more so in watching the news yesterday and every interview was of a African-American talking how great it was that another African-American is in office. While I don't want to take away from that amazing fact, I don't understand why that was the major focus of the networks rather than a qualified individual or who possibly do some things to help a messed up country.

@Elizabeth C...we have driven all of the cars and they all have nice rides, good mileage,and all have great critic and user ratings. That is the problem, they are all rated highly and have qualities we are looking for.

@Elizabeth H...I will have to chat with Daine then. Hrmm.

Anonymous said...

Umm. I think you know too many Elizabeths. I'll add to the tally.

I have driven three different Nissans (two of which have been Altimas - a '99 and a '06) and have always loved them. Never had problems with them. My mom drives an '07 Altima now and loves it. I currently drive a 04 VW Passat and love it!

Jason would swear by the Camry though, or Acura. . .

Claire said...

We do know a lot of Elizabeths, but Luckily, we know most by different names.

The first to comment on this blog was Elizabeth, then came Liz...and finally Beth. Whew. Thank goodness there are enough syllables in the name to create different things to call you all! (:

@ Elizabeth (Crockett) - the Camry IS very comfortable from the little we've driven it. Probably one of the most comfortable of the cars.

@ Liz - I second C's comment that we should talk to Daine, apparently.

@ Beth - that's a long family history of Nissans. I had a Maxima as my first car and I just loved it - never had any problems except when I wrecked it. Why'd you go from the 06 altima to the 04 passat?

If we could afford an Acura, believe me, we'd go there. Or infiniti.

Anyone have any experiences with the Mazda 3?

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