reece saved my life, or at least my pc

Well, thanks to my friend Reece - my computer is saved. At least, I'm pretty sure it is. I'm in the process of recovering files right now. My files from my desktop seem to be in good shape, and now I'm working on My Documents...which includes all my music. So far I've only had errors on my Explosions in the Sky albums, so we're good to go. *knock on wood* - I'm so thankful I have friends who are so good with Reece, Robert Adam, and James. They've all been lifesavers at some point. I wish I knew as much as them - my brain's just not that big. So - for those of you who were worried about me and my 'puter...we seem to be doing just fine. It will take a while to get programs installed again and files in the right place, but hey - I can't complain!

Today was pretty decent. Worked quite a bit on work and the computer. Tomorrow will be the same, I'm hopefully finishing the closet (or at least putting all my jewelry away - right now it's strewn all over the bathtub). Got dinner plans with Mrs. Crockett...which I'm excited about - shoot, it has been a LONG time since we've gotten to hang out (very very sadly). And HOPEFULLY I'll have time to make it to the gym...I've missed my running this week - I'd been doing so well, but I haven't gotten to go since I last wrote about "Val". Not because I was that discouraged - just with the closet and the computer I haven't been able to make it.

Chance is jammin' to David Cook on his computer, and I'm slightly distracted. He listens to things so loud that I really can't think.

I'd REALLY love to vent about Grey's Anatomy right's episode was just SO good...except for a few things (which I really want to talk about)...but Chance will KILL me if I use our blog to discuss Grey's. He hates it (which he has no right to say because he's never watched a single episode). Ugg. But if anyone wants to talk to me about the show - please IM me. Lol.


Chance said...

I would like to talk about the show and how over dramatic it is. It is just a big night time soap opera. And for the record I wasn't jamming our to David Cook, I was listening to his new song to evaluate whether his CD would really be worth listening to or if he would just be a fad like all the other Idols.

urban | initiative said...

is it wrong that i have no idea who david cook is? i feel so out of touch with current music sometimes. i listen to the radio when im in the truck, but i only ever hear the same songs over and over and over again. and cincy... well... not exactly the music scene atx is... although we do have this folksy guy ive seen a few times playing his guitar and harmonica and singing at fountain square, does that count?

Elizabeth said...

Claire...You + Me(tonight)= Grey's Anatomy Talk. I love Grey's!!!

Claire said...

@ Chris - He's an American Idol. The most recent, actually. And it's quite alright that you don't know who he is. It's probably better that way - that means you didn't waste however many hundreds of hours of your life watching Idol. (: Living in ATX has nothing to do with it. Being addicted to TV does.

@ Elizabeth - REALLY? How did I not know this? I'm honestly in shock. This is Crockett, right? Crazy.

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