my head's hurting, so this'll be short

My head's hurting...and I think I know why.

Tonight I had a nice little adventure. My friends Tiffany and Lauren invited me to dinner....Lauren was in from Dallas visiting and I haven't seen her in almost two years, so I was pretty excited about hanging out for a little bit. We ventured out to Magnolia Cafe after the two hot chicas got dolled up for their evening out. We met up with Lauren's friend Jessie and had a great time just eating and chatting. Afterward, Tiffany and I said goodbye to Lauren and Jessie and went separate ways. Tiffany was planning on meeting up with them later but had to take me back to my car so that I could make it to Bill Miller to pick Chance up by 10:15.

That's when the adventure kicked in. We were driving down Annie Street and all of a sudden, Tiff's jeep starts shaking and slowing down. She'd been having car troubles earlier in the week and was kinda panicked...until she realized what was happening. Apparently...she'd run out of gas. (: Hehe. She was SO embarrassed (which I'm sure she'll be even MORE SO if she reads this blog)...but I reassured her that we'd all done it at some point...and proceeded to tell her the stories of when it happened to me in Bryan and again later in College Station. Anyway. Her roomie was nice enough to come get us and take us to 7-11 where she purchased an $8 gas cannister, and 1.79 worth of gas to go in it (thank GOODNESS gas prices keep going down)! We made it back to her car...and then things got even more complicated. This gas cannister wasn't your typical cannister. No. It was a mega-child-proof safety cannister. Apparently it was adult proof too. It was leaking gas when we tried to pour it, and the pouring spout mechanism was super complicated. It took 3 of us to figure out how to even work it, and by that time I was soaked in gasoline up to my elbows.

We eventually figured it out, and Tiffany made it to get gas - and I made it to pick up Chance by around 10:50pm. Oops. At least he'd gotten out late, at 10:40. He'd decided he'd walk across the highway and get a frosty at Wendys - which was fine by me, he got me one too. (:

Anyway. I'm pretty sure that's why I have a headache. No, not a cold headache due to the frosty...I'm pretty sure its from the fumes. I've washed my arms in dish soap, lemon juice, more dish soap, vinegar, special chef's soap and a bubble bath and still no luck. I'm going to be reeking of gas for a while, I think.

Haha. But it makes for a funny story. I just hope Tiffany tells it better. (: And if anyone happens to have a remedy for ridding skin of gasoline stench, please relay it this direction.


Sara said...

Aw man!! I don't have any great remedies, I just wanted to say I think it's funny that all your titles with "this will be short" in them always end up being not so short :)

Claire said...

@ Sara - I'd still consider that one pretty short, comparatively.

Anonymous said...

Tomato juice?

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