vietnamese heartburn

Yeah....that's right. I'm pretty sure I've got heartburn from the Pho I just ate. Somehow. Perhaps it was the jalapenos. It's okay, don't be too concerned about me - it was delicious. I love Kim Phung. If you live in Austin, you should go there...and you should read Chance's review of it when he posts it (probably in the next week or so).

Today has been a pretty productive day, honestly. I went to church this morning, came home and did a few things around here, picked Chance up from work...and then the business started.

We baked cookies (for our new neighbors and then some), Chance mowed the back yard (what's left of it - the part that isn't a desert wasteland), I brushed Freddie, Chance bathed both of the boys, we cleaned our bathroom and bedroom, and we boxed some things up to take to Goodwill. Pretty successful, I'd say. Tomorrow we just have to clean the rest of the house and....I guess we can play! (Although, I'm sure I'll find more work for us to do - I always seem to do that).

We just got back an hour or so ago from taking the cookies to the new neighbors. They were super nice. They live diagonally across the street from us - he is a kitchen manager at Boulevard Grill, and she goes to school at Virginia College and works as well. They've got a daughter named Sydney as well as two boys (who weren't there, and somehow fit into the picture). Anyhoo - somehow I got pulled off by Sydney up to her pretty pink and purple room to check it out. It was the only room in the house they had done - I was pretty impressed they got it pulled together over just a couple of days. She's cute. But seriously - most kids DON'T like me. Only girls named Sydney. What's up with that? Chance thinks its hilarious when kids decide I'm their friend. I think I'm starting to enjoy their company too. Scaaaarrrry.

What else? I guess computer recovery has gone pretty dang well - the only trouble I'm really having is with McAffee - I'm having MAJOR problems with it...but I'm sure I'll get it figured out. Next up: trying to make my ipod work again.

I'm sure you guys are kinda getting bored with these photo-less posts. Pictures are so much more fun! I promise, one of the next few posts will include some photos. And maybe be a little more entertaining. For now, I think we're off to Sunday Funday at Chris and Corbin's apartment. Fun times shall be had by all.


R.A. Ray said...

Don't use McAfee! Use AVG. It's free for home use, constantly updated, and uses WAY less memory.

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