okay, so i fibbed

I'm back, much sooner than expected. No, the computer isn't up and running (well, it is to an extent. I'm typing on it and can get on the internet thanks to Reece's Ubuntu suggestion...but my files still haven't been located (he's working on it via email). If this doesn't work, I'm taking it in next week.

But - Chance and I decided in a flurry last night to do NaBloPoMo - probably due to the inspiration of Kaki. So, I figured I'd post something for the day while I had something to post about, and while my computer was at least semi-functioning.

I went to the gym today.

No, that's not the whole story. I went to the gym today, planning on doing a short workout, and actually worked out longer than I expected to. I ran 3 miles instead of my usual 2.6...so I was feeling pretty good. That is, until I met 'Valerie'. That's what we're going to call her, at least - I never got her name. Anyway, Valerie happened to be using the hip abductor (aka: sex machine) next to me - I was doing the one that works your hamstring. She saw me doing it and said, "I've never done that one before, it looks kinda hard, but my legs are fairly strong". I was getting off and wanted to try my luck on the hip abductor anyway, so I cleaned off the machine and she prepared to give it a whirl. I, thus far...have been doing reps with 15lb or so on that machine...my hamstrings are clearly weak. Valerie appeared to be older, and not in super amazing shape so I warned her that she might want to go light....that it was kinda hard. She then informed me that she could press 110lb with her quads..."pretty good for a 50 year old, don't you think?" She proceeded to adjust the machine to 70lb. I just about SQUEALED, and thought - there's NO way she can do this. Sure enough, she did. Several reps. She dropped it down to 65 to finish out her sets. My mouth was probably hanging WIDE open. And, as I sat on the hip abductor, greatly REDUCING the amount of weight I was doing....I felt pretty dang bad. I went from patting myself on the back to pretty distraught, but proud of Val! Ha.

In other news, I was looking through my blog subscriptions this morning and came across something interesting - a profession I've never even considered. Did you know that there are people who get PAID to pick a soundtrack for your office, or even your HOME? That's right, a "music stylist". I don't know HOW you GET a job like this...I'm guessing you have to live in Hollywood or NYC, but...seriously. These people walk through your house to feel it out for the 'vibe'...and get paid $50 -$250 PER hour of music that they find that sets the mood for your home. Get out. Here's the article in the New York Times. Maybe I've found my future career path. Aaaah, pipe dreams.


Anonymous said...

Way to go for going to the gym, even if you went from proud to distraught. My motivation has been slim lately. :) And I think that a 'music stylist' position would be perfect for you! I'm sure that exists somewhere around Austin!

Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm glad you're doing Nopoblomo too! It will be interesting because I'll still be traveling quite a bit. (and yes it feels like I'm never home to me too, but its been all fun things so its ok!) Best of luck with posting everyday! I'm not sure why my pictures won't show up, I havent heard that from anyone else so who knows whats going on, if you find a way I can fix it please, let me know! Hope all is well and can't wait to read whats going on with ya'll each day! (to be honest I have a few posts already written up so I can just post those if I have a busy day, don't know if thats considered cheating or not but it will help me to be able to post each day...)

Casey said...

Well - i'm impressed with your 3 miles and 15lbs on the hamstring machine. I can't run a full mile - so 3 is quite amazing!

Claire said...

@ Beth - thanks...and thanks. (: I'm gonna look into it soon as my life slows down. Who knows when that'll be.

@Kaki - Your pictures did it again, but they were fine today. Hrm hrm hrm. I dunno. Maybe I just read your blogs too quickly - before they're really loaded or something. Chance's computer and the laptop do it too. Weird!

Both of you - good luck with Nablopomo!

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