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You thought we were gonna miss our daily blog, didn't you? Well I still have an hour so here goes with today's topics.

First a comedic story. As we are walking through Lowes on our way to pick out the wire shelving for a new closet redesign project, Claire yells out -loudly- "I sound like Jesus". Taken out of context this could sound blasphemous and possibly somewhat offensive. In context, however, it was humorous -especially to the innocent bystanders shopping for nails, Christmas trees, and lawn mowers. Maybe it wasn't her fault she screamed inappropriately - I was giving her a hard time about coming up with new projects that really don't need to be done (IE: redesigning a closet). I had been teasing her in a mocking voice, the voice of the Jesus character from the Vintage 21 videos online which portray him with a super meek voice and character (these videos might be somewhat offensive but were produced to make a point - many of you have probably seen them). So I'd been mocking Claire in the video Jesus' voice when she yelled. It was really funny - and much more so out of context.

I also thought I would entertain and challenge you foodies and culinary aficionados with the Patrick's top 20 Mexican food establishments. We want your feedback. Tell us what we left off, what you agree with, what you disagree with, and what you think about Mexican food in general. I think we are part Mexican because we both agree we could probably eat it for every meal and half the time our home cooked meals turn out to have some sort of south of the border flair. This list is in order of preference, however it changes frequently and is not totally mutual between the two of us, albeit, it was voted on by both of us.

1.) Picante Grill (San Antonio, TX)
Try: Chile En Nogado
2.) Polvos (Austin, TX, South 1st)
Try: Fajitas Al Guajillo
3.) Villa Montez (Tyler, TX)
Try: Chino Latino Rolls, Sea Bass, or the Daily special
4.) Jardin Corona (Austin, TX, Anderson Mill)
Try: Mango or Strawberry Margaritas, Chipotle Enchiladas, and the Salsa
5.) Margarita Rocks/La Bodega (College Station, TX, Same owner, same fair)
Try: BBQ Chicken Nachos,enchiladas, burgers, burritos, & Don't miss the salsa
6.) Posados (Tyler & Austin, TX)
Try: Cheese Enchiladas, Free tortillas, sopapillas, and ice cream
7.) Tacos Garcia (Amarillo, TX)
Try: Enchiladas de Chile Verde
8.) Trudy's (Austin, TX, various locations)
Try: Stuffed Avocado and brunch buffett
9.) Zocalo (Austin, TX, West Lynn)
Try: Fish Tacos, Dos Salsas, Ceviche, and Pulled Pork Posole Soup
10.) Taco Bus (Houston, TX, Behind Fitzgeralds Bar)
Try: Steak is a taco bus, literally.
11.) La Cocina De Consuelo (Austin, TX, Burnet Rd.)
12.) Leals (Amarillo, TX)
13.) Serranos (Austin, TX, Various Locations)
14.) Ruby Tequila's (Amarillo, TX)
15.) Chuy's (Austin, TX, Various Locations)
16.) Jalepeno Tree (Tyler and East Texas)
17.) Rosas Cafe (Amarillo, College Station and other various TX locations)
18.) Gueros (Austin, TX, South Congress)
19.) El Charro (Tyler, TX)
20.) Taco Garage (San Antonio, TX)

Honorable Mention: Pico De Gallo (Tyler, TX, Closed), Curra's Long Bar (Austin, TX, Closed), Don Luis Supertacos (Austin, TX, Closed)

Let us know what you have had and what you think of this list.


Sara said...

Mmmm... Mexican. We could pretty much eat this every day as well. We're tied for our favorites: La Bodega in CS and Curra's on Oltorf.

Dangit! I should not be craving guacamole before 9am!

Anonymous said...

Where's Taco Deli!!?? Blasphemy! The Cowboy Taco has been vote the best taco in Austin a couple times!

And Torchy's Tacos??!!

Kristen said...

One of my favorites is Gringo's in Houston.

I have a Mexican restaurant story for you. This weekend we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Tennessee. Our Mexican waiter asked Mrs. Decker how many kids she had. When she told him she had nine he cried out "What are you? Mexican?" It was so funny. He then proceeded to tell us that when people come in with only one kid he calls them lazy but the Deckers are not lazy...
If only the food was as good as the entertainment... I think Taco Bell is more authentic than this place was...

Claire said...

@ Sara - glad you appreciate the Bode ga. Lol. Their salsa is killer. Curras Longbar was so good, but I haven't been to the Oltorf Curras in probably 4 years. Still good? Ha. Sorry about the cravings.

@ Beth - I've only been to T.D. once...and I hated their mole. Haven't been back...but we need to. Torchy's - I had during was good, but not even in the same league as Taco Bus in H-town.

@ Kris - Thanks for commenting! Lol...funny story. What were you doing in Tennessee? I'd NEVER recommend eating Mexican there. Did it once, NEVER AGAIN. The thought of it makes me want to puke.

Kristen said...


We were in TN to watch Josh's first college basketball game. He plays for Bryan College in Dayton, TN.... it's a tiny little town (like 3000 people) and for some reason Josh had heard the Mexican food was good. We all felt a little funny afterwards. They didn't even use normal cheese!

Natalie said...

You have to try Sazon on south lamar and mary....we should eat there sometime you both and I have some free time. I would love to see you guys.

Casey said...

We at La Bodega once and we both hated it! Mabye we just got the wrong things. However, I LOVE Mexican food. Whenever you're in Houston you have to try Cabo's. The salsa isn't that great but the fish tacos and the cheese enchiladas are the best you'll ever find. i want Mexican food.

Claire said...

@ Kris - I'm glad Josh is playing College ball, but he's got some friends with poor taste in food, apparently. (: Goat cheese, perhaps?
I'm glad y'all got to go to the game at least.

@ Nat - Yelping, now.

Elizabeth said...


Brooke said...

yeah - mexican here is not normal. haha. it takes some getting used to - thats for sure. All the cheese dip they have here is white. and yes - they do use goat cheese a lot.

Anyway - i was gonna throw out Casa Ole in tyler -- it's still my all time fave. cant go to tyler without going there.

Claire said...

@ Casey - I've always liked La Bodega, but the last time we went wasn't QUITE as good as normal. It's Baja - so not your typical Tex-Mex or there's a different flavor profile. And I prefer Margarita Rocks over Bodega typically - they have the same salsa...and amazing enchiladas. Mmm.

@ Elizabeth - (:

@ Brooke - Any time I think of the Casa, I think of you. I DO love their green sauce.

Chance said...

I am up for all the places that everyone has suggested, unless it is in Tennessee. If it is Mexican food, I am there.

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