more on this later, but...

I just thought I'd let you know I think I may lose my lunch. That's right. The Twilight movie was THAT bad. I'm hoping I don't lose my lunch though - my lunch was quite good the first time around. I'll fill you in later (or, maybe Chance will). But...I just thought I'd inform you. Save your money. MAYBE rent it. Maybe. Ugh. Gag.


Anonymous said...

Hm. Yeah. This confirms that I don't think I'm getting on this bandwagon. . . :)

Claire said...

@ Beth - oh no. The bandwagon is excellent. The books are fabulous (and you could probably read them faster than I can - and I'm planning on finishing the 3rd one today). Don't decide NOT to read the books just because the movie wasn't very good. The next one will be better. And who cares about the movies anyway? We all know Time Traveler's Wife was like the best thing ever, and there's NO way that movie isn't gonna suck.

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