pricey plastic, among other things

I'm really too worn out to blog - mentally and physically. And you'll have to forgive any typos or slip-ups in tonight's writing. Chance is watching TV beside me and I'm quite distracted. He thought it was a good time to watch the SNL Presidential Bash from last week. Ha. Sure it is...

Anyway, I'm not gonna talk about politics - let's get that straight right now.

Instead, I'll talk about plastic. I probably bought 100 sq feet of plastic today. That will probably upset some of my greener readers, and honestly - I didn't think about the fact that it might not be good for the environment 'til right now (does that make me a bad person)? But really, guys, it was necessary. My closet needed it.

We're in the middle of the Fight for the Closet campaign of '08 and I won. Chance gave in to my slightly crazy idea to add more storage space to our closet. We spent about 6 hours shopping for supplies, removing shelves, patching holes, and hanging shelves yesterday....Maybe sometime later this month when my computer is up and running you'll get a before and after. We gained about 8 feet of hanging space though - I'm pretty excited. We decided to get some new white plastic hangers and shoe storage boxes to top it off and make things look 'prettier' - Plus its a lot easier than fighting with those silly wire hangers and finding stray shoes. We're hoping to complete the project later this week/weekend...and by we, I mean I. Chance is pretty sure HE's finished.

In other news, the computer repair is coming along. I bought a new hard drive and am planning on starting the whole process of 'fixing' things tomorrow.

Unfortunately, 5 days or so after my computer quit, so did my iPod. The Todd Pod has malfunctioned, most likely, permanently. Stink. When my computer crashed, I was ecstatic that I had recently updated my ipod - so I wouldn't lose any music. I guess I rejoiced too soon. Not too happy about losing $100+ worth of music. Fun times.

That's really about all I've got for today. I'm too tired to be funny or we'll just leave it at the facts. I'm going to go zone out for a while. If I can. Doubtful.


Casey said...

I'm so sorry about your computer and then your ipod! When it rains it pours doesn't it? However, nicer closest and more space sounds exciting!

Elizabeth said...

Claire, I definitely Applaud you for organinzing your closet space. It's so easy to just throw stuff in a closet and let it be...and suffer the consequence of not being able to find anything. Or wait is that just my messy closet? haha !!

Good luck!! =)

Kristen said...

your computer crashed too? Ours did last month and we lost ALL my pictures from Christmas 05 to present. I'm still a bit depressed. We also lost all the music (but ours is still on the ipod) Here is the thing... how is it that you can't redownload stuff on iTunes? I mean I OWN those songs. I have a legal right to them. How can they not let me redownload them?

Claire said...

@ Casey - yeah, it's pouring over here. Lol. The closet will be exciting when it's finished. I'm about to go hang more clothes and fill those shoeboxes. Mmm, fun.

@ Liz - Thank you. Part of me wants to start a business...hmm. Gotta finish our house first!

@ Kris - Ugg. Let me know if there's any pics I can send you, but...I don't have many of you from then on. ): That sucks. And I'm livid about that too - There should be a way to prove that you've bought the music. It's stupid. I think there's a way to transfer from your ipod to your 'puter, so you should be able to get it back on there...

urban | initiative said...

oh there is, there is.
for pc users its called igadget. [or irobot, ipod transfer, etc. - they all do about the same thing] the free trial version and install it. however, theres a catch. they want you to actually use the software but with the trial versions they only let you transfer 1-3 songs at a time. ha, right! ive got 30 gigs on my ipod! so the trick is that it also installs some fix for the ipod to let your computer recognize it as an external harddrive. have to turn on viewing hidden files, but then open your ipod as a harddrive in windows explorer and dig through the folders until you find the actual mp3's on the ipod. theyre named bizarre stuff like FTH3 so you might not recognize them at first, but its the same mp3 i promise. 3.grab all the folders of mp3's [it may be broken up into a half dozen folders depending on how your ipod is organized] and transfer all of those to your computer - i recommend putting them all in one folder on the desktop for easy finding.
4.then tell itunes where they are and to have it copy them into your itunes library folder and organize them. using the data embedded in the mp3, itll reload your library with fresh song info, album covers, you name it.
5.when youre done copying everything you can delete the original folder/folders with all the funky ipod named files and you should retain all the fresh copies in your itunes library.

i know it sounds a little complicated, but ive done it a couple of times and its worked perfectly for me. hopefully thats enough of a step by step instruction to get it done, but email me if you need more thorough info.

good luck!!

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