Unlike Claire my short post will actually be short.

We went to Thunderbird Coffee tonight to relax and read. It was a great place to just hang out have a latte and enjoy a good book. Which we did. However, we found the lack of comfortable seating to be an issue. There are only two couches and two comfy chairs. The rest is hard chairs and tables. So I am calling on you, my faithful readers for help. This is a SOS for your opinions on some of the best coffee shops in Austin. We want a place preferably no farther south than where Guadalupe and Lamar split and it must have comfy seating, good coffee, and preferably a cool vibe. Any neighborhood shops would be great. We tend to shy away from Starbucks, not because we are stuck up or think it's bad (it's actually quite tasty) but just because we are adventurous and like to check out the local scene.

Start sending your!


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