chance's hiccups make me gag

Seriously. Chance is sitting next to me hiccuping. Generally, when he has the hiccups, they last about 3 seconds...normally I'M the one who hiccups for an hour without stopping. Well, apparently when he has the chance to hiccup more than 3x in a row, they sound like he's dry heaving. No lie. At first, when I heard the noise I thought it was Freddie about to throw up (because that's what it sounds like). Uggg. I feel bad for him, cuz I know how much I hate the hiccups, but really - I've never heard any this gross. Maybe it's just because I'm full. But eww.

Sorry about that. Hope none of you have super weak stomachs.

So, I was reading a blog a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across a post on this study. I don't know if I found it interesting because it was so colorful or what...but it's a pretty stinking cool study - about how people feel emotions. It's honestly hard for me to explain, so you should really check out the site...but it was cool to see how people visualize how they feel. I was pretty set on posting a screenshot so you could see what I was talking about (which would make you want to VISIT the site) but unfortunately itunes has rendered the rest of my computer dysfunctional, so just trust me and check out that link. Lol. Wow. That just ruins the post.

Also - stuck in my current obsession - do any of our Austin readers have the last two books in the twilight series? I'm trying to avoid buying eclipse at full price, but I can't wait for it to be shipped. I can buy the 4th one online...but...I know I don't have the patience to wait for the 3rd to come in the mail. Its sad, but true. And the Pflugerville library has all the books checked out (I'm pretty sure they only have one copy of each. hrmph.) We hit up two half price books tonight too (I'm going back to one tomorrow)...and they said they're flying off the shelves. They'll put one out and it's gone within the hour. So...wish me luck. It's weird, I dunno if I've ever been quite this obsessed with reading before. Not since 3rd grade, really.


Elizabeth said...

Good Luck finding your book. Hope you guys have a good weekend!!

Claire said...

@ Elizabeth - well, I determined I won't be getting it at the Library. There are 12 people on the wait list, and the book can be kept out for 3 weeks at a time. Lol. I'm not waiting 8 months. Think I'm gonna hit up borders tonight. Found a 20% off coupon.

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