Last night, as Chance touched on, in small group we talked about life...and how fragile it is. Well, that was part of the whole 'bigger' picture. But life IS fragile. I was driving to south Austin tonight and a fairly bad accident happened just two cars behind me on the lower level of 35. It was one of those things that made me realize as a human life could end at any second...and it made me thankful to be alive...and where I was at the time. Had I left my house 2 seconds later I might have been in that accident. Wow. I'm grateful I wasn't.

On a lighter note, Meiko's album is selling for $1.99 on Amazon right now, and although I haven't listened to it yet - I'm PRETTY sure it's great. It's been on my list of cds to buy for a while, but - heck - you can't really beat $1.99.

I'm truly scattered tonight. My thoughts are everywhere, I'm sleepy, but I'm working on a 'secret project' and I REALLY want to finish the second Stephenie Meyer book, New Moon. I'm obsessed. Unfortunately, the third book is checked out at the library, so I may have to hit up half price tomorrow. I can't believe I'm this hooked.

I also want to apologize because my blogging has been subpar lately, while Chance's has been pointedly interesting. Hopefully I can remedy that soon. I think its the pressure I'm feeling from NaBloPoMo (I know, no one is forcing us to do it)...and I always wait til the last minute to write something...and by this point in the day I'm exhausted and every ounce of wit has been drained from my body. So, I'll work on it. I'm just crossing our fingers that we don't lose all of our beloved readers in the meantime.


Marilyn said...

I bought the first 2 Twi books as they were out in paperback already when I started reading them. Checked the second 2 out at the library but will probably buy them when available in paperback. A teacher at Austin Middle School, where Scott teaches, went to the midnight showing of the movie last night. She said if you'd read the book,you'd enjoy the movie. If not, you might be a little confused. Maybe I can see it next week! Apparently a lot of teachers and students there are obsessed too. Scott tells me how much everyone talks about Twi.

I'm grateful you weren't in that accident too, Claire. Drive carefully.

Claire said...

@ Marilyn - I'd like to own all 4 eventually. And I wish the last two were already in paperback - hardcover is so expensive. If our library wasn't so tiny,

We're planning on seeing the movie Sunday. I'm pretty excited. (: I 'm REALLY glad you liked them so much too....maybe we'll have to have a discussion next time I get to see you. (and maybe I'll have read the shack and some of those nicholas sparks books by then too - so I can bring them back to you and discuss!)

I try. (:

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